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Posted on September 9, 2011

The image of Paris, with its love intrigues, romance, and beauty of the Old Continent is great for every home. The high, spacious rooms filled with luxury items give a vintage aspect, keeping a note of commodity at the same time. Paris is, of course, one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations. Nearly everyone who visits falls under the fascination of this lovely city. Certainly, bringing just a bit of Paris to your home can be nothing but a sensational move.

1. Comfy hues together with “la vie en rose”

Present the elegance of Paris at home with the warm tones of the walls. What’s more, the basic colors will enable you to enjoy the accessories later. Ivory or beige are generally good selections if you’re going to be incorporating a lot of items with darker tones or even black. To be able to achieve striking effect, you can try pink or the color of the peach.

For that sweeping change, you can also look at the wallpaper. A little silky, European style wallpaper can add all kinds of elegance to your living space. Better yet, see if it is possible to find wall paper displaying images linked with all things French.

2. When considering furniture, your Grandma’s could be just the look you desire

You may not be required to buy new furniture for this style of decorating. You may very well be able to make do with just a little refurbishing and paint to get that Paris look and feel. European furniture has a tatty, massive characteristic. You’ll want to get at the very least a few articles with dark tones, because they’re more likely to have Parisian-type trim of satin or silk. You’ll find three parts that are critical to Parisian decorating – a huge mirror, a small coffee table and a large, round table perfect for stylish parties.

To protect yourself from making mistakes when complementing colors, one thing you can try is use a lot of black, which goes well with almost anything. And with regards to furniture, you won’t have to have the latest modern day tendencies: the granny objects filled with history are perfect for the Parisian style. When considering material, opt for only the best, most refined coverings for chairs and sofas. No compromise.

If money is a problem for you, you might follow the lead of many small Paris cafes and go with iron furniture. To bring Paris right into your home, try going with delicate porcelain on small coffee tables with satin coverings, along with pillows on the chairs. If you need an urgent solution, cover the rounded table with many layers of material. You probably have all the material you’ll need right in your house, so cost shouldn’t be a big factor here.

Take care of details also. It’s amazing how paying attention to a few seemingly minor elements can bring “Gay Paree” right into your home. Reproductions of the masters paintings will look great on your walls. Putting up a few black and white photos of Paris can capture a lot of the city’s charm. Also, you might use old family pictures framed in gold or silver, or heavy, old-looking wood.

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