Online CPE Courses a Hit with Bean Counters

Posted on October 10, 2011

A lot of folks out there want to be attorneys – and so they wind up in a law firm, even if not as attorneys. Many then find that there isn’t anything philosophically glamorous about legal affairs. In the real world, lawyers spend less time arguing over morality than determining legality. But since the laws are constantly being updated, legal professionals need online CPE courses to keep up-to-date. And so there will never be, as the old saying goes, rest for the guilty!

To be sure, life-long study (the “CPE” in “online CPE courses” refers to “continuing professional education”) is commonplace in today’s ever-changing world. And besides the traditional professions in medicine, the law, and accounting, many other career fields now require regular periods of schooling.

Such education, which is what the title “online CPE courses” usually indicates, is typically done at the person’s own pace, usually at home through a website. Depending on the exact circumstances, oftentimes there are no set rules beyond some amount that must be taken, measured in terms of credits (yes, just like in school). Thus, a requirement may be for a professional to have earned three credits within two years, with those three credits being fulfilled by any number of course offerings. In the case of a lawyer, for example, he or she may elect to study tax law or housing law for two credits and one credit, respectively.

Wihtout a doubt, just about anyone looking to work nowadays will need to pursue a program of life-long self-study. Thankfully, it’s all available online now, making for unprecedented convenience!

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